Student Field Trips: 

The First Mayor’s House offers several 2-3 hour field trips opportunities for students.  Over 1000 students visit the House each year to learn about life in the 1870s (third grade) and about the westward movement (5th grade). In addition to school groups, we serve Boy and Girl Scouts, after school programs, and homeschool students. Third graders tour the House, handle tools, pump water, use a washboard to launder socks, make butter and touch and smell medicinal herbs. Fifth graders experience life on a wagon train as they participate in a simulation game that teaches math, creative thinking and problem solving. CSU-Monterey Bay service learners join local retired community members to form a strong docent pool. 

Gallery Openings:


The Education Center has been remodeled to provide gallery space for a variety of presentations. So far, exhibits highlighting the lives of the Harvey women have been unveiled. For Founders Day, a mobile display honoring the immigrants who built Salinas will be showcased. During summer 2018, watch for art shows by local students and artists. 

First Fridays and Saturdays- Gallery openings are planned to coincide with First Friday Open Houses. In addition the House is open for drop in visitors each first Saturday during the year. 



Teacher Institutes:


Many Salinas teachers come from outside the area, so we offer training to provide the background information they need to teach local history and the westward movement. Lesson ideas, resources, print and digital materials are provided to make instruction fun and easy to implement.