Harvey House

Historic Harvey House, 1868 

Salinas City, California

(First Mayor's House) 


Resource Material

"Miss Harvey Remembers", Getting To Salinas

This story was adapted by Ms. Judy Drueding, a 3rd-grade teacher at University Park Elementary School in Salinas, California.  The illustrations were done by Ms. Bridgett Spicer.  A digital copy can be downloaded.  

Tell Me, Grandpa!  A Story About the Early Days of Salinas, California

This story was written by Ms. Mary Randall, a retired administrator, Salinas City Elementary School District.  The story recounts conversations of Florence Baker and her grandfather, Isaac J. Harvey.  The material is appropriate for 3rd-grade students, meeting grade standards. A digital copy can be downloaded or purchased for the cost of printing ($10).

Tell Me Grandpa Flyer

I. J.'s Incredible Journey and Other Adventures on the American Frontier

Materials have been selected and compiled for fifth grade students by Ms. Mary Randall.  It is intended for students learning about the Westward Movement in the United States.  While the selected material gives only a fraction of the experiences of the pioneers, we hope students will get the 'flavor' of these incredible times by some of our local histories.  It is inspired by Recollections of a Journey to California in 1850 by Isaac J. Harvey.

Chapter 1;  Chapter 2;  Chapter 3;  Chapter 4;  Chapter 5;  Chapter 6;  Lesson ideas; Video (Prsentation to 5th graders by Mary Randal),