Teacher Professional Development

We provide professional development in social studies and community history for third and fifth grade elementary teachers. Utilizing the collection as inspiration, we have created lesson plans that combine local history with Common Core Language Arts Standards and that enable the teacher to utilize the House, garden and Education Center in a way that enhances his/her teaching skills and increases student exposure to community history. For the 5th grade program, have adapted I.J. Harvey's recollections of his journey west as a springboard to a comprehensive look at the Westward Migration and produced, I.J.'s Incredible Joiurney and other Aventures on the American Frontier..   For the 3rd grade program, we have utilized letters between I. J. Harvey and his granddaughter, Florence to create, Tell Me Grandpa.

Women at a Table

School Visits

 We host class visits from elementary students, focusing on those classes whose teachers participated in the Institute. Students arrive and, after a brief orientation, participate in a series of interactive exhibits in the House, Garden and Education Center that enhances the lesson plans.

Fifth grade classes will participate in a simulation game that utilizes their communication, math, reading and problem solving skills.  This activity can be enjoyed at the House or taken the classrooms throughout the county.