About Us

Our Mission

Rooted in the deep soil of the Salinas Valley and enriched by generations of immigrants, the First Mayor's House of Salinas City, with its collection and grounds, serves as the anchor for educational and cultural programs that engage citizens, teachers and students in historical exploration and discovery of a shared community.   

Adopted by the Board of Directors on May 5, 2016. 

Our Board

  • Patrick Redo, CEO, All US Credit Union, 20 West Street, Salinas, CA.
  • Ruth Andresen, Former Geologist and Emeritus Member, Monterey Board of Education. Salinas, CA.
  • David Baker, Ph.D., Former Research Scientist, University of California, San Francisco.
  • Larry Bussard, Chairman. Former City of Salinas Redevelopment Director. Salinas, CA.
  • Mary Jane Choate, Former Elementary Educator, Alisal Elementary School District. Salinas, CA.
  • Dennis Donahue, Former Mayor of Salinas; President Royal Rose. Salinas, CA.
  • Denise Estrada, Former Director of City of Salinas Environmental and Maintenance Services
  • Jon Knapp, Treasurer. Associate, Hayashi & Wayland, Accounting and Consulting LLP, Salinas, CA.
  • Mary Randall, Secretary. Former Principal, Salinas City Elementary School District. Salinas, CA.
  • Lila Thorsen, Ph.D., Professor in the Visual Arts Department, California State University Monterey Bay, Seaside, CA.

Our Staff

  • Deborah Silguero, Curator. 
  • Lily Vaughan, Assistant Curator, Salinas, CA.
  • Larry Smith, Facilities Manager. Salinas, CA.

Our Guidelines and Goals

  • Impact education, helping schools create a positive learning environment, developing programs that provide ideas and material to make the visit to the FMH a part of Salinas life.
  • Reflect current educational practices in teaching and learning, meeting Common Core State Standards and using the best teaching techniques that engage all kids despite differences in learning skills, learning styles, and culture.
  • Assist teachers to engage their kids, to get their students to interact with history by organizing and implementing Professional Development Institutes to provide background, teaching strategies, and lesson plans.